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She has finally entered the new millennium

Let me preface this, my very first blog post, and say I am in no way a good writer. So don't get your hopes up, there will be tons of grammatical errors, incorrect statements, a fuck-ton of badly spelled words, while we're at it some made up ones as well, culminating with some less then desirable language. You have been warned. That being said, "Wow!" It has been a ridiculous amount of time since, I've had a functional website. I mean, I was pretty convinced I would be creating something closer to virtual reality before I would get my shit together and finish this endeavor. But logic prevailed, and I got tired of carrying around the burden of built up anxiety and never ending excuses. So one day I just fucking did it. I stopped overthinking every little thing like the neurotic that I am, and slapped this baby together. Here it is world, my misanthropic tendencies will have to take the back burner for a while and except that she has finally entered the new millennium.

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