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1). Production is about 1-7 business days via my producer PRINTIFY for most products. Please note that it can be vary depending on the order at the fulfillment center, stock availability, seasonality and other factors. 

To ensure the best quality and largest selection of products Mauve Market uses multiple fulfillment centers  via PRINTIFY across the US, Canada, Mexico and China which will affect distribution time frames. 

2). Shipping will depend on the destination and type of shipping services. The fastest regular business service is between 5-10 business days after production in the same country. Please see the tracking information listed on your order. 

Mauve Market strives to produce items of quality and provide customers with the largest selection of merchandise to select from. RETURNS AND EXCHANGES are assessed on a case by case basis. Please email MAUVEMARKET@DANAVINDIGNI.COM with any concerns.


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